Lot 50

HOURS for the use of Rome. Paris, Thielman Kerver for Guillaume Eustache, July 9, 1500. In-8, brown basane, decorated spine, speckled edges, roulette on the cups (Bound in 17th century).
Precious copy printed on vellum, rubbed and illuminated.
It is complete, although it does not have an e-book, the text follows. Calendar for 24 years from 1497 to 1520.
The illustration consists of a title bearing the mark of Kerver, the anatomical man and 16 full-page woodcuts, as well as numerous vignettes depicting scenes from the life of Christ or the saints.
The large woods are placed in frames painted in liquid gold, the initials and line ends are painted in gold on a blue or red background, and Kerver's mark on the last leaf is illuminated.
This copy has two particular full-page paintings: one, masking the title, depicts St. Anthony with his pig, and the other, over the figure of the anatomical man, depicts the wheel of fortune; above all, there is an allusion to the black plague, which ravaged Europe in 1494 (the date is also shown on the frame of the painting), wiping out half of the population. The blazon of the mark of Kerver is painted, the shield has arms that could be (although the colors are reversed here) those of the Bullioud family, patrician family of Lyon.
The miniatures are attributed to a Parisian artist, the Master of the Parisian Entrances, identified by E. König as John Coene IV, who was active in Paris between 1500 and 1520 and who received this name because of the manuscripts he produced for the royal entrances of Mary of England and Claudius of France.
The sheets k7 and k8 r° dusty.

Location of the item
France - 75008 Paris