Lot 53

18th CENTURY ILLUSTRATES. - Set of 10 bound books, bindings and various states.
BERQUIN. Idylls and romances, 1776 (figures by Marillier). - BOCCACE. Le Nouveau Bocace, or a selection of anecdotes and gallant adventures copied from nature, 1806. - BOISARD. Fables, 1777 (figures by Monnet). - DORAT. Les Baisers, 1770 (figures by Eisen). - ERASMUS. In Praise of Folly, 1751 (figures by Eisen). - GESSNER. Works, 1795 (figures by Moreau the Younger). - HURTADO DE MENDOZA. Adventures and mischief of Lazarille de Tormes, 1801 (figures from Ransonnette). - LA FONTAINE. Tales. Amsterdam, 1745 (figures of Cochin). - THOMPSON. The Seasons, 1779 (figures by Eisen). - VENERONI. Selected fables, in Italian, with the Frenchman next to it, 1744.

Location of the item
France - 75008 Paris