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Correspondence of Germaine BOURET with the Austrian ceramic factory Frédéric GOLDSHEIDER.1936-1938 to make the photos A set of about fifty letters, copies of letters, drafts and various documents concerning the production by the Goldsheider company of ceramic figurines based on drawings by Germaine Bouret.Walter Goldsheider, owner of the Fréderic Goldscheider factory, entered into contact with Germaine Bouret on February 12, 1936 after receiving a letter from the designer asking her if he was indeed the publisher of statuettes for sale in Paris and which would be reproduced without her authorization based on her drawings. The latter, who was then staying at the Majestic Hotel in Cannes, answered that he had nothing to do with this production of porcelain figurines and asked if he could come and meet her in Paris to propose a very interesting collaboration. This first meeting took place on February 27, 1936, and seems to have been under the best of auspices, since on the following March 21, a letter from the Manufacture Frédéric Goldscheider was sent from Vienna to Germaine Bouret to order drawings chosen by W. Goldsheider when he was in Paris. Germaine Bouret responds and asks that her drawings be bought outright, i.e. delivered and paid for in Paris. It was agreed that the drawings should be given to Goldscheider's representative in Paris and a list of 15 drawings was drawn up by Germaine Bouret: 1 ° Skier 2 ° Tennis 3 ° Caddy 4 ° Little girl costume baths, seal 5 ° to us the sidewalk 6 ° Men are good for nothing 7 ° Little girl reading the newspaper 8 ° Little girl and 2 dogs 9 ° Sign me a check (girl putting his gloves dog) 10 ° Scottish going to school 11 ° Children ball and dog 12 ° Pst driver 13 ° funds down 14 ° innocence 15 ° Good behavior.Walter Goldscheider states in a letter dated April 16, 1936: We have received the 15 drawings and we compliment you on the good execution of these drawings. We are pleased to see that you have fully un

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