Lot 142

Panajou Frères" stereoscopic viewer terminal with handle. Format approx. H48 x W25 x D27 cm. Containing forty-nine glass positive stereoscopic view plates. Circa 1905-1915. Size approx. 8.5 x 17 cm.
Some plates lined and captioned - "May 7, 1911 ...", "June 15, 1913 ...", "Roland Garros in Talence ...", "Roland Garros in Talence ... February 1914 . Main themes, the South-West of France: Gironde, Sainte-Hélène, Talence, Mérignac, Bordeaux and its surroundings.
Subjects of the photographs: aerial views of the Place des Quinconces, aviation, pilots and airplane demonstrations, portrait of Roland Garros, hot-air balloons, parachutists, views of the departures and arrivals of a hot-air balloon, aerial views of hot-air balloon pilots, aerial views taken next to a hot-air balloon, view taken from inside a hot-air balloon, aeroplane, etc...