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[Family and friends of Pauline de BEAUMONT]. MONTESQUIEU- FEZENSAC (Anne-Pierre, Marquis de, 17 October 1739- 30 December 1798). Married François de Pange's widow, née Anne Louise de Serilly, cousin of Pauline de Beaumont. Three beautiful autograph letters of seven pages in-4, addressed to Pauline de Beaumont, including one to Theil. Paris ventôse year 6 (February 23, 1798). Paris 6 germinal year 6 (March 26, 1798). Paris 24 thermidor year 6 (August 11, 1798). He wants to convince her to come back to Paris and no longer seek solitude. "Why make those who love you think you're self-sufficient?" Tells him to look a lot into the future, talks to him about politics, worries about his health because the cold has returned. "Does it cost you more to be away from your friends than it does to them to be deprived of you? On my account, I assure you that I will never get used to it". The dissuaded her from moving to Versailles by economy and offered her "Faubourg saint germain you can be housed cheaply, and most of your acquaintances are there. Father Morelet ...". Amédée de TANES, cousin of Pauline de Beaumont on her mother's side. Eight signed autograph letters of 26 pages. Addressed to Pauline de Beaumont née Montmorin. Turin 1800 - 1801, including one addressed to his friend the citizen Joubert. These letters are written about the difficulties Amédée de Tanes is experiencing in collecting his parents' inheritance both in
Italy and in France. He asks for legal and financial assistance. Two autograph letters signed by Gabriel Ponte d'ALBARETTO. For Pauline de Beaumont née Montmorin to the citizen Joubert. Turin on 1 January 1802 and the 13th germinal year X (3 April 1802). About the situation of Amédée de Tanes. Two autograph notes from Mr. Bougeois, the Business Manager of Pauline de Beaumont.
Ask Amédée de Tanes for various papers for his inheritance case. ANGRAN d'Alleray (Louis Alexandre, older brother of Denis Alexandre Angran d'Alleray). Two signed autograph letters addressed to Madame Pauline de Beaumont. April 3, 1796 and April 30, 1796. About custody of his nieces. Comtesse de La LUZERNE (1743-1814) née
Angran (Marie Adélaïde Angran, wife of César Guillaume de La Luzerne (1737-1799). Five autographed letters, three of them signed. From 1778 to his father Angran d'Alleray about the death of M. de Senosan and a place in Versailles. 11 June 1786 to her bailiff tells her of her husband's departure for Port au Prince (he was appointed in April 1786, governor of the Leeward Islands). November 4, 1786, concerning an expense account. August 3, 1803, addressed to an ambassador in Austria to tell him how to assure her son of everything she held in Austria. S.d (1803) to his son about the value of the land belonging to Madame de Beaumont, asks him to come to an agreement with Madame de Beaumont. TRUDAINE (Mrs.
Marie-Louise, née Micault de courbeton 1769-1802).
The 17th frimaire addressed to the citizen Beaumont. He asks him why "we have been left, to be a thousand times more to be pitied than to have followed those we regret, if they have in mind the harm they would do to us by prolonging such an awful life they must applaud themselves". 23 September 1803 from Hoche, addressed to Madame de Beaumont, post office remaining in Lyon, concerning8000 and two books he owes her. Four letters including three addressed to Mr. de La Luzerne, from Mrs. Bourgeois, Hoche and Perron, concerning the succession of Mrs. de Beaumont. Twenty-three letters from children and grandchildren addressed to Count Guillaume de La Luzerne. Twelve letters related to the Alfalfa family

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