Lot 217

Variae Tabulae Geographicae... Various maps of the geography, or peut voor le victories of la guerre dans le monde. With gest. Title (atlas minor) and 36 double leaf gr. (partly folded) border color.

Copper cards.

Amsterdam, N. Visscher, circa 1706. Folio. 1] Title, flexible leather strap, dyed red, currently in good condition (slightly rubbed and stained, creases, small missing parts in the

Cf. Koeman III Vis 11, 17, 19, 24, and pp. 170-175 - Contains maps of Belgium (Brussels, Namur, Hainaut, diocese of Liège, etc.) as well as of Germany (Swabia, Bavaria, dioceses of Trier and Cologne, Palatinate), France, and Great Britain, furthermore Poland, Hungary, Bohemia, Danube, Denmark, Scandinavia, etc. In the end, Russia "Moscovieae seu Russiae magnae" and Caribbean islands "Insulae americanae" were included. - Browned, slightly soiled at margins, brown and finger stains, slightly stained in places, more heavily dampened margins at the back, also slightly loosened binding at the back, traces of creasing, some marginal blemishes (old reinforced or backed over large areas), some cards with (mostly) expertly restored breakouts, tears and marks and backed flaws (partly unsightly glued with tape), 1 card only fragmentarily preserved and mounted on glassine paper, 1 card mounted on carrier, back flyleaf frayed. Despite the described deficiencies still usable copy. - On front mirror old hs. Possession note, on rear mirror old hs. Card index.