Lot 513

Schiestl, Rudolf, painter and graphic artist (1878-1931).

"Karlsruhe. Stuttgart. Kalchreuth.". Sketchbook with 37 pages illustrated with original pencil drawings.
Date 1929. 19.5 x 13 cm. [41] Bll. Riveted, printed OPp. with hs. label (slightly rubbed and buffed, browned and slightly
Schiestl was a student of Franz von Stuck (1863-1928) and since 1910 professor of graphic art in Nuremberg. During the First World War he was artistic director of the Liller Kriegszeitung from 1917. - His etchings, drawings and woodcuts have become famous far beyond his Franconian homeland (e.g. "The Death of Basel"). The sketchbook is a special place for the artist. Nearly everything that was of interest to Schiestl was recorded in sketches "A butter dish, an inn sign stimulated him no less artistically and was drawn as well as a rare head or a strange tree" (cf. W. Kielmann - Rudolf Schiestl. Inaugural-Dissertation. Grote, 1935). - The first sheet is marked with his name and the year 1929. - Slightly fingerstained and browned, first sheet with weak fold. In very good overall condition.