Lot 1582

Louis XV, France, probably Lyons or Paris, ca. middle of the 18th century. In the style of Jean Baptiste Tilliard. Maître 1752.
Walnut, finely carved with flowers, leaves and rocailles, and polished. Three individual seat cushions. The entire frame, moulded. Green velour cover. Crack in the backrest. Losses.
217 x 78 x 106 cm.

The design and the use of walnut instead of the beech-wood commonly used in Paris is partly reminiscent of works from the Lyons-based workshop of Pierre Nogaret. However, the extremely fine cartouches of the canapé on offer are not found in Nogaret's work, but are found in various items of seating furniture originating from the famous workshop of Jean-Baptiste I. Tilliard, which are likewise made of carved, polished walnut.