Lot 1595

Meissen, ca. 1739-40. Paintwork, formerly attributed to Adam Friedrich von Löwenfinck.
Underglaze blue sword mark. Modeler's number 16, impressed.
D 21.5 cm.

Minor chip on the rim. Colors, in part rubbed.

From a series of plates originally owned by the Earl of Jersey, who donated them to the National Trust of the United Kingdom in 1949.

The graphic design for these plates is from Petrus Schenk Junior's series (1660-1716) "Nieuwe geinventeerde Sineesen". Abraham L. the Blaauwen had republished them in 1966 and re-discussed the scenes originally attributed to Löwenfinck (Keramos 31/66, Fig.13, No. 16).

21 plates of this type can be found in "Osterley Park" near London. 33 plates were originally listed in an 1860 inventory of the Countess of Jersey in London. Another group of plates is in the Wark Collection, Cummer Museum, Jacksonville, Florida. (Cf. den Blaauwen, Meissen Porcelain in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 2000, pp. 279-285; Figs. 202-205).