Lot 1603

Meissen, ca. 1735-38.
Painted with the crowned coat-of-arms of Sulkowski and Stain zu Jettingen. The rim featuring a basket-weave relief, the so-called "Sulkowski relief". Underglaze blue sword mark, potter's mark and incised mark /.
D 23.8 cm. (2)

Colors and gilding, in part rubbed.

- Collection Baron Erich von Goldschmidt-Rothschild, Berlin.
- Auction Paul Graupe, Berlin, 23.-25.03.1931, Lot No. 607.
- Auction Christie's London, 28.04.1978, Lot No. 73.

Both plates bear the Alliance-coat-of-arms of Count Alexander Joseph Sulkowski (1695-1762) and Maria Anna Baroness von Stein zu Jettingen (1712-1741).

The Sulkowski service, which also gave its name to the characteristic basket-weave relief on the rim, was one of the largest Meissen coat-of-arms services, and the first one not commissioned for the Saxon Elector.
A large part of the service is housed in the Dr. Ernst Schneider Collection, now in Lustheim Castle near Munich. R. Eikelmann (ed.), Meissener Porzellan des 18. Jahrhunderts, The Ernst Schneider Collection, Munich 2004, p. 334.