Lot 81

Pierre BOURET (1897 - 1977). The source. Terracotta publishing subject. Signed on the terrace and numbered 3/10. 18 x 13 x 12.5 cm. Wooden base.

Pierre Bouret has been working on the sculpture of La Source since 1929. The 1st version, 19 cm high, has a model with braids and slightly higher shoulders than the 2nd version. This 1st version was the subject of an edition of 7 bronze proofs by Claude Valsuani (catalogue n°106 and n°9). The Despiau-Wlérick Museum in Mont-de-Marsan acquired in 2004 the print that belonged to the French art historian Pierre Du Colombier (MM2004-7-1). There is also a terracotta edition of 10 proofs for this 1st version (catalogue n°120), and a distribution through plaster casts (catalogue n°112).