Lot 154

Female divinity North
India or Bangladesh ca 6°- 8° century
Terracotta. H. 31 cm
Superb representation of a richly adorned female deity, sitting in a superb swaying attitude, presenting a flower in the palm of her right hand. With its slim waist, wide hips and generous chest, this deity, which could be a representation of the goddess Tara, is a perfect example of the Indian feminine ideal as it has always been represented in sacred statuary. The synthesis of stylistic elements in this work brings it closer to the archetypes of female statuary of the Gupta period. Small accidents and visible defects.
This sculpture is accompanied by a thermoluminescence analysis, with results consistent with the proposed dating.
- European
Private Collection - Sale Cornette de Saint Cyr of March 26th 2013, lot n° 439