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Set of documents:
- Beijing, 22nd September. Letter, handwritten in green ink on paper painted by hand with vegetation motifs. (Illegible). - Peking, 30th October 1952. Typewritten letter from Chou En-Lai, an outstanding politician from the People’s Republic of China, member of the Chinese Communist Party since 1949. The letter is about establishing business relationships between Chile and China. - Document written in Chinese characters in blue ink with a signature in black ink. - Envelope with Chinese characters. - Text handwritten in blue ink with corrections handwritten in green ink. With Pablo Neruda’s signature. Republic of Chile, Senate letterhead. - 26th January 1974. Autograph of Robert Bly. It comes with a letter handwritten by Robert Bly addressed to the literary critic and professor of the University of Victoria, Canada, Robin Skelton. - 1st edition, Cold Mountain Press, Austin, Texas, 1973. 350 x 178 mm. Original photograph of Mark Petty. Original typographic sign, printed on both sides on high quality laid paper and folded into three sections. On the back is the poem Ode to some yellow flowers, an English translation of Neruda’s Oda a unas flores amarillas. On the back is an original photograph by Mark Petty (Man on North Main), with 10 postcards printed on different colours and qualities of paper, with poems in homage to Pablo Neruda by James Tipton (Poem), William Stafford (over the miles), Peter Wild (Santa Ritas), Linda Pastan (Paperweight), Donald Hall, Ray Lindquist (Common life), John Haines (The Return of the sun ), Thomas F. Sexton (The end of winter), Denise Levertov (April in Ohio), and Terry Stokes (The animals of the night). - Letter from Pablo Neruda to the editor Luis Torres Agüero, dated on Isla Negra on the 16th January 1973. It is a formal invitation to the publisher Torres Agüero and Margarita Aguirre, who was the poet’s biographer and Argentinian editor’s girlfriend, as well as the editor’s son, to visit the Nerudas on Isla Negra, to talk about future projects. Susanita is mentioned, the daughter of Margarita Aguirre. This is an unpublished letter, signed by the poet, typewritten on paper with Neruda’s fish letterhead printed on it. Signed “Pablo” in green ink. - Isla Negra 20th December 1972. Letter from Pablo Neruda to Luis Torres Agüero inviting Margarita Aguirre and the editor friend to come to Isla Negra to talk about future publications together. He asks them to leave behind the quarrels they have as a couple and come. This letter is more metaphorical and poetic than previous ones. Unpublished letter, signed “Pablo” and typewritten on paper with the poet’s letterhead (a fish) printed on it. Signature in green ink. - 10th March 1968? Letter handwritten in green ink by Pablo Neruda to Hernán Loyola, about Katya Kohn. With an “Isla Negra. Chile” letterhead. Signed “P.” - Isla Negra, March 1973. Original text by Pablo Neruda. The subject is Ricardo E. Molinari. Two pages typewritten on one side, the first with Neruda’s letterhead stamp, with corrections and Neruda’s signature in green. This is an important letter written 6 months before the death of Pablo Neruda, it is one of the last essays by the poet and is not found among his inventories. He praises Ricardo. E. Molinari, one of the greatest and least-known poets in the Spanish language. It is undoubtedly one of the poet’s last publications while he was still alive, it was published in the magazine Crisis, in a monographic edition dedicated to Molinari. In the text he evokes memories of his friendship with Federico García Lorca. - 10/8/68. Letter from Pablo Neruda to Augusto Roa Bastos, dated and written on Pablo Neruda’s official paper with an Isla Negra, Chile letterhead. The letter is typewritten and signed in green by Pablo Neruda. Addressed to Augusto Roa Bastos, Editorial Losada, Buenos Aires. He writes about the Hemispheric Peace Conference to end the U.S. war in Vietnam which was going to be held in Montreal, Canada. - Isla Negra, October 26th, 1970. Letter from Pablo Neruda addressed to Luis Zara, a New York editor of Mineral Digest, letter typewritten in English and signed in green by Neruda, on a sheet of paper with Neruda’s letterhead. 1 sheet of paper, written on only one side. The letter comes with the original envelope which was sent from Chile to New York. Important letter, as Neruda accepts Luis Zara’s proposal, to do the first English translation of Las Piedras del cielo (Heaven Stones), for a bilingual, illustrated edition for bibliophiles. The poet apologises for not having answered sooner, rejects the offer of a new edition in Spanish of the same book, due to commitments to Losada, and mentions a photograph of him, which is not included. Neruda suggests his translator, Donald D. Walsh, (editor and translator, there are no known official tranlations of Neruda’s work by him, although he did translate poetry by Ernesto Cardenal.
He was probably the son of the writer Donald J. Walsh, Jr.) who he says has translated his poetry well although there is no known Neruda translations of his.
- Envelope postmarked in Chile on the 12th November 1970, addressed to Mr. Louis Zara, of the magazine “Mineral Digest” in New York. The sender is “Neruda, Isla Negra, Chile”, whichsuggests that this could be the envelope which accompanies the letter described above, in spite of the dates differing by a month.

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