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Lot of documents:
- Rokha, Pablo de. Tercetos dantescos a Casiano Basualto (in the green album). Very rare copy. 14 pages full of verses by Pablo de Rokha discrediting and insulting Pablo Neruda in very harsh language. The exact date of the publication is not known. (Green photo album).
- Card. Tarjeta Oda a la sandía. Card with an illustration of a piece of watermelon. It has an unknown signature in pencil, Pablo Neruda’s verses say: ”La redonda, suprema y celestial Sandia es la fruta del árbol de la sed, es la ballena verde del verano, Pablo Neruda”.
- Pamphlet. Octavilla “Comunistas: No olvidéis Pisagua y a los autores de la ley de def. De la democracia. Así lo dijo Neruda” . Loose sheet of paper (124 x 105 mm.) Original pamphlet. Octavilla is from the time when Neruda worked on the political campaign for the election of the new Chilean president, in 1958. He toured the country and addressed large groups. There is a mention of the Chilean population of Pisagua, a nitrate exporting port in the Tarapacá region.
- Pamphlet. Speech given by Pablo Neruda at the P.E.N. Congress in New York (in the green album). Speech given by Pablo Neruda at the P.E.N. Club in New York, printed here in a version supplied by the Boletín Mensual del Banco Central de Chile. Its pages subscribe, “The Chilean Embassy believes that the words of Neruda should be known as widely as possible, and so they are spread in this brother country.” It is accompanied by a photograph cut out of a newspaper in English at the bottom of which can be read: “One of the greatest living poets: Pablo Neruda, in Chile, last week in the Bank of the South”.
- Pamphlet. Neruda, Pablo. A la memoria de Ricardo Fonseca (in the green album). Pamphlet with an introductory text entitled: “Ricardo Fonseca, los intelectuales y el pueblo” (Ricardo Fonseca, the intellectuals and the people), signed by J.M.V. and the text is in fact by Pablo Neruda with the title “A la memoria de Ricardo Fonseca”, in the form of a poem structured in stanzas of four verses. In its original cover.
- Pamphlet. Escenas de Chile (Scenes of Chile): Exhibition in homage to Pablo Neruda (in the green album). 1954. Pamphlet from the Exhibition in homage to Pablo Neruda entitled “Escenas de Chile”, which took place at the Museo de Arte, dated 20th July 1954. Inside the pamphlet some of the dates in the History of Chilean Painting are described. There is also a text signed by Tomás Lago about painting. On the back cover is a poem by Pablo Neruda taken from the “Canto General”: “Patria, nave de nieve follaje endurecido: allí naciste, cuando el hombre tuyo pidió a la tierra su estandarte...”
- Pamphlet. Neruda, Pablo; Badii, Libero. Arte magnética. Diptych. 17x13 cm. Buenos Aires: Published by Imprenta Anzilotti, 1986. Facsimile of the “plaqueta número once”, from an edition of 30 personalised copies with original drawings by the artist Libero Badii.
- Neruda, Pablo. A la alegría. 1st edition, Rio de Janerio: Published by Fundación Pablo Neruda, 1954.
- Pamphlet. Neruda, Pablo. La barcarola (Bacarole) [poem]. 1st ed. Buenos Aires: [unnumbered], 1939 [4] pages 22x18 cm. First edition of the individual poem La barcarola which, later, was added to the book of the same title. It begins “si solamente me tocaras el corazón...” (If only you would touch my heart). There is no reference to this poem having been published separately in Neruda’s bibliography, Printed on 17th August 1939.
- Neruda, Pablo. Con los católicos hacia la paz. 1st edition, Santiago de Chile: Published by Horizonte, 1962. 42 pages 18x14 cm. First edition. A speech given at a conference by the poet Pablo Neruda, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, on the 12th October at the Caupolicán Theatre in Santiago, Chile. Pablo Neruda answers the bishops.

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