Lot 45

Very rare part of a wool and silk panel from the Royal Manufactures of Brussels. Late 15th-early 16th century belonging to a series of 9-panel hangings whose register is the redemption of man in the Christian religion. This series of panels was most probably woven from the cartoons of Bernard Van Orley (1488-1541), himself a pupil of his father Valentin Van Orley (1466-1532), and very much influenced by the illustrious Raphael (1483-1520). In 1518, Bernard Van Orley became the painter of Margueritte of Austria (1480-1530). The lower and upper borders were added later. Height: 225 cm, Width: 270 cm (maintenance restorations) An identical panel mentioned in 1514 in the collections of Juan Rodriguez de Fonseca, Spanish bishop of Burgos in Spain in 1514, was inventoried at his death in 1524. This and other panels were acquired in 1926 for the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of New York. Another series of hangings, also in nine panels, was acquired in 1522 by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey (1475-1530) from the merchant Richard Gresham, and was later to last a few years (c. 1517-1521). The author of the cartoons seems to have been different for some of the tapestries. There are still three of these panels in the Royal Collections of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, on display at Hampton Court Palace. There is also a series comprising only four of the nine known panels in the collections of Seville Cathedral.