Lot 80

Secret lock for a box or piece of furniture with an encrypted combination. 18th century.
Round in shape, the mechanism entirely enclosed, it has a flat outside face, decorated with concentric bands alternately of iron and brass, the latter all engraved with the different letters of the alphabet. Four small protruding brass lugs allow them to be moved to form the combination. In the centre the reception area is hidden by a rectangular cover. On the reverse side, the enclosed mechanism can be seen behind a brass disc extended by three bolts, one of which, perpendicular to the other two, is much smaller. Two small projecting knurls can also be used to operate the mechanism. The lock is presented in a rear moulded natural wood frame.
Rare example of a French combination chest or wallet lock.
18th century.
Marked with Père or Pèrc acid.
Interior: Length 18.7 cm - Height: 10.7 cm (bolts retracted) Case
diameter: 9.5 cm - Outside diameter: 8.8 cm

Location of the item
France - 75002 Paris