Lot 174

Set comprising:
- Two pairs of 18th century ormolu lock ducts.
The first model presents a plate and its projecting conduit with decorations following long scrolls foliage around a central palmette.
Chiseled and gilded bronze from the Louis XV period.
The second model has a rectangular base plate surmounted by two small consoles facing each other.
The protruding conduit is adorned with a rose window flanked with fleurons, caught between two friezes of heart grapes.
Chiseled and gilded cast bronze from the beginning of the 19th century.
Width: 6 cm - Height: 14 cm
- Pair of chased and gilded bronze Empire style
lock cases.
The high cases are chased in light relief of the laurel bee and a floral ornament also surrounded by laurel branches emerging from a double acanthus base. The sides are chiselled with palmettes.
Chiseled and gilded bronze.
19th century work.
Width: 9 cm - Height: 23,5 cm
- Two gilt bronze door lock cases in Louis XVI and Empire style.
One of them has a high central motif representing a branch of oak leaves finished with a chiselled acorn. It is topped top and bottom by friezes of ribboned oak leaves, rows of pearls and a base of acanthus leaves.
Chiseled and gilded bronze.
Beautiful Louis XVI style work of quality chiseling.
The other, also oblong in shape, presents a chiseled decoration of palmettes framing a central rosette, the whole surmounted by a high palmette. The projecting base is chiselled with heart grapes.
Chiseled bronze on a sandblasted and gilded background.
Nice decoration announcing the Empire, executed at the end of the 19th century, like the previous piece.
The rods of these locks were trapezoidal in section.
Width: 6,5 cm - Height: 17 cm