Lot 189

Set of an espagnolette, its stop and two stem sleeves in chased and gilded bronze.
The handle of the espagnolette has a violin shape, with strongly moulded contours, openwork and chiselled in its centre with a torso shell. The knob, circular, slightly curved, is chiselled with foliated scrolls of rocaille spirit. The handle is attached to the stem by a rosette chiselled with a sunflower flower.
Bronze chased, openwork and gilded.
French work from the mid 18th century.
Gilding wear.
The stopper, from the same period, is L-shaped supported by a console and chiselled with foliated volutes Rocaille.
The first sleeve presents two symmetrical parts in relation to a central ring each representing a vase with flanks chiselled alternately with reeds and flowering branches in chiselled bronze.
Louis XVI style.
The second one, of identical layout, presents more pansus vases chiselled with twisted channels and foliage. The central ring is decorated with rosettes.
Chased and gilded bronze in the Louis XV style.
Handle length: 17 cm - Stem length: 101 cm.