Lot 192

Superb furniture tilt or espagnolette, with its
Louis XIV period lock, handle and bolts.
The rectangular plate, with the angles cut down, engraved with fillets, is extended at the top and bottom by a double fleuron of parsley leaves cut and very finely chiselled with veins. The cage housing the mechanism is circular, chiselled with concentric mouldings and centred with a leafy rosette.
The stem of the handle is an elongated rectangle, chiselled with multiple mouldings sometimes decorated with gadroons, leaf friezes, foliage scraps around a small central indentation. The knob of the handle offers almost the same ornamentation as the cage of the mechanism.
The top and bottom plates of the locks are identical and have exactly the same decoration as the central plate of the mechanism. The locks have two bolts that extend a strong molded and chiselled entablature of eggs surmounted by a very elegant chiselled ornament of two leafy consoles topped with shells and palmette and enclosing richly foliated foliage scrolls.
Iron cut, pierced, engraved and chiselled.
Very nice French work intended for a cupboard or a bookcase, of a quality of execution rare for this style of room.
Late 17th or early 18th century.
Width: 22.5 cm - Height: 133 cm
Another lock of the same decoration and its bronze copy is attached.