Lot 2

A group of pottery vessels including a Cypro-Mycenaean vessel with squat globular body and loop handle, the buff coloured body decorated with groups of encircling bands of varying widths, 8.2cm, circa 14th - 12th Century B.C.; four Cypriot Iron Age pottery vessels, each of buff pottery with concentric circle design, one a spherical bodied juglet with a side loop handle and petal decoration on the rim, 8.3cm, two miniature barrel flasks each with funnel neck, 7cm and 7.8cm, and a pilgrim flask with funnel neck and two looped handles, 10cm, circa 8th-7th Century B.C.; and three ancient undecorated pottery vessels, including a small squat bodied juglet, 5cm, an ovoid vessel, 10cm and a handled jug with narrow base, 11.5cm high, circa 2000 B.C. - Roman (8)
Provenance: Private collection assembled in 1970s-80s, London

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