Lot 4

A group of sixteen fragmentary mainly ancient terracottas, including an archaising female figure wearing close-fitting drapery, 13cm; a Hellenistic naked youth with a cloak across the shoulders, 11cm; two polychrome painted Coptic heads from an adorant figure, 6cm and 8.2cm; a Cypriot head of a horse with applied features, 8.2cm; a Hellenistic pendant appliqué of a boy wearing a Phrygian hood, 6.8cm; a Romano-Egyptian comic actor’s mask, 5cm; a Parthian terracotta head of a bearded male, 7.5cm, circa 5th Century B.C - 7th Century A.D., and eight other fragmentary heads, busts and a figure, various periods, some not ancient (16)
Provenance: Private collection assembled in 1970s-80s, London

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