Lot 9

A Greek terracotta antefix with the head of Io, Taranto, circa 4th Century B.C., the nymph depicted with cow's horns, now largely lost, her wavy hair bound by a wreath, wearing pendant earrings, with almond-shaped eyes, full lips and rounded chin, with traces of white slip, 17cm high
Provenance: Private collection, New Mexico, acquired prior to 1991.
The nymph Io was a priestess of Hera, who Zeus took as a lover; in a bid to protect her from Hera's wild jealousy, he changed her into a beautiful white heifer. For a closely-related antefix in the British Museum see C. Johns, Cattle, History, Myth, Art, London, 2011, p. 70, acc. no. 1884.1011.7.

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