Lot 19

A black-figure stemmed kylix, the exterior decorated with palmettes alternating with tendrils, probably Greek, 5th-4th Century B.C., 6.3cm high, 22cm max diam; a Greek black glazed ovoid jug with broad strap handle, flared base and bulge below the funnel rim, 19cm high and two small black glazed Boeotian kantharoi, on conical feet, one black glazed, the other red glazed, mis-fired black in places, both decorated with vertical strokes around the rim exterior, 9.3cm max height, circa 4th Century B.C.; a Roman pottery terra sigillata amphora, an appliqué of eros riding a leaping bull on one side, another of eros in a chariot on the other side, palm fronds frame each scene, 18cm high; circa 3rd Century A.D.; three buff coloured Roman pottery vessels, including two jugs, 16cm and 14.1cm high, the larger with handle missing and a small unguentarium, 8.2cm high; a Boeotian terracotta male head, traces of the original slip remain, circa 5th Century B.C., 5cm; five bronze coins, Roman and later and a small white marble female figure, Not Ancient, 5cm (15)
Provenance: Property of a Belgian estate

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