Lot 109

A group of manuscripts (6) comprising 'Abd al-Baqi al-Zurqani (d. 1688AD) (attrib. to), Kitab al-bi', North Africa, probably Morocco, 19th century, 278ff., Arabic manuscript on paper, 31ll. of black and red mahgribi script, legal manual on the application of Islamic law in the matter of selling (buyu'), not signed or dated, in modern dark red morocco with flap, folio 32 x 22cm.; Imam al-Qadi 'Ayyad (d. 1149 AD), Kitab al-Shifa bi ta'rif huqaq al-mustafa, Morocco, 19th century, 185ff., Arabic manuscript on paper, 21ll. of black and mahgribi script to the page, a celebrated account of the life of the Prophet Mohammed, reddish brown morocco binding, folio 28.5 x 20cm.; A manual on Islamic law, signed Muhammed bin Ramadan Bu'l Qasim bin al-Shaykh 'Abd al-Nafi' al-Sharif al-Fasi, Morocco, dated Friday end of Shawwal 1195AH/October 1781AD, 230ff., Arabic manuscript on paper, 33ll. of sepia maghribi to the page, apparently on the application of Islamic law in selling (buyu'), numerous folios replaced, colophon signed and dated, in modern burgundy binding, folio 28.4 x 20cm.; An Ottoman religious manual in verses, Turkey or Ottoman Provinces, 17th-18th century, Ottoman Turkish manuscript on paper, 192ff., in two hands, 25ll. of black cursive to the page, text arranged in two columns, in modern binding, 28.7 x 19.5cm.; A compilation of traditions, Egypt or Eastern Mediterranean, 14th-15th century, possibly a commentary on Qadi 'Ayyad's Kitab al-Shifa, 526ff., Arabic manuscript on paper, 21ll. of black cursive to the page, incomplete at beginning and end, occasional marginal commentaries, final folio mentioning Qadi 'Ayyad's Kitab al-Shifa and various names of religious authorities and dates in the early 600AHs, folio 23 x 15cm.; A Quranic commentary, probably Central Asia, 19th century, 359ff., Arabic manuscript on paper, 15ll. of cursive text with the Qur'anic text in red and interlinear commentary in black cursive, incomplete at end, in modern binding incorporating an old stamped morocco cover, folio 33.5 x 20.5cm. (6)

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