A portrait of a bearded European in Ottoman or Greek dress, 19th century, oil on canvas, three-quarters view, the head turned to the left, depicted wearing an ochre coloured shirt, brown robe and red cloak, a white cloth with embroidered ends wrapped around his head, 54x30 cm. Note: Europeans of many kinds-­diplomats, soldiers, merchants, romantic adventurers, and artists-­travelled in increasing numbers to the Ottoman Empire from the sixteenth century onward. Frequently, they adopted local dress for many reasons: courtesy to their host country, security in traveling to remote regions, curiosity. Among the garments that have survived is a complete Albanian dress which George Gordon, Lord Byron, purchased in Epirus in 1809 and which he was painted wearing in a portrait by Thomas Phillips in London in 1814, currently in the National Portrait Gallery.Please refer to department for condition report

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