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Navy and dials Three handwritten treatises intitulés : Naval treatise in thesis form. - Treatise on the dials which are traced out on [s] agreed plans. -And Treatise on Portable Dials. S.l.n.d. 18th century]. A small volume in-8, [14]-90-94-[10] pp. of text and 22 watercoloured illustrations and 19 pen-, text- or full-page illustrations. Bound in full brown speckled basane binding, spine with five raised bands, speckled edges (contemporary binding). Collection of three treatises illustrés : one on marine, the others on dials. The work begins with a beautiful round watercolour, representing three ships. The first handwritten treatise consists of this manière : " Traité of the navy in the form of Thèse ". [Explanation of seven problems with four diagrams in the text and Table of Contents, preceding the title]. -Book Premier : " De The Armament of Warships and the Order of Battleships of mer ", consisting of four theses. -Book Second : " De the construction of ships and their differences espèces ", composed of five theses. -Book Troisième : " De the sailor, the sail, the game of goüvernail, and the strength of rames ", composed of nine theses. -Book Quatrième : " De how to regulate navigation by geographical observations and astronomiques ", composed of six theses. " Traité the dials that are drawn on [s] plans arrestés ". -"Finding the Meridian line on a map horizontal ". 3 methods -" Describing the sundial horizontal ". 2 methods. -"Construct the vertical sundial that does not decline [...] ". -"Draw the equinoctial sundial [...] ". -"Describe the vertical sundial declinant " followed by various methods of describing dials and dial constructions (southern sundial, polar sundial, etc). " Traité of the dials portatifs ". -"Construct the portable dial cylindrique "; "Draw a quadrant on a quarter circle [...] "; "Construct a dial to tell the time [...] ". -"The sundial of voyageur ". [Tables of mati

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