Lot 120

Toiletries. PARIS, goldsmith J.A., ap. 1838 (Minerva). In a mahogany case with compartments lined with velvet, leather and silk moiré in purple colour, borders, decoration and engraved brass sockets. It contains in the upper part: three flasks, two cylindrical toilet boxes, two circular toilet boxes including a powder case, a root box, a soap box, two ointment boxes, one of which is lined with leather, and in the lid a large mirror. Lids in guilloché silver engraved in the centre with the letter A crowned in a circular medallion. In the lower drawer is a manicure set, a horn comb and a bone shoehorn. Coat of arms engraved on the lid of the box in a cartouche decorated with scrolls. In a shield stamped with a crown, accompanied by a collar of order with the motto MORTALIUM NOBILITAS and supported by horses hoisting: Gules a bar Or accompanied in chief by three knurls and in base by a newt. Brass plate engraved with the monogram PS and the inscription S.G.D.G. Patent ... / Paris.
Incomplete, wear of the case, shocks.
Net weight (silver): 145.1 g.