Lot 340

λ AN INDO-PORTUGUESE ROSEWOOD, HARDWOOD AND IVORY INLAID CABINET ON STAND GUJARAT OR SINDH, EARLY 17TH CENTURY AND LATER inlaid with panels of birds amongst urns of flowers and leaves, the top with musicians and ladies dancing, the sides with the addition of tigers attacking antelope, the front with peacocks and two hunters attacking the tigers, some stained green, enclosing an arrangement of six drawers, the top a long drawer with a false front, the centre a deep drawer, inlaid with scrolling leaves, flowers, birds and two courtly men, with a later leather lined writing surface, with side iron carrying handles, with a later applied moulding to base and on a later stand, the undertier with a further panel, probably taken from the inside of the fall, restorations and replacements the cabinet: 36cm high, 53.8cm wide, 41.5cm deep overall: 107.3cm high CATALOGUE NOTE For a very similar cabinet, see the Victoria and Albert Museum, no. 122-1906. See also Bonham's, Islamic and Indian Art, 23rd October 2017, lot 168 and Christie's, Art of the Islamic & Indian Worlds, 7th April 2011, lot 256.