Chamahian Guillaume
Guillaume Chamahian, born in Marseilles in 1975, is a self-taught artist. His work is presented by the Gallery Lhoste Art Contemporain in Arles. He exhibits in Lausanne and Barcelona.
Galloping urbanism in China, Stiegler-style disruption, Khmer genocide, disappearance of man and God... In fifteen years of stateless photographic writing, Guillaume Chamahian has explored the human future, in its darkest folds. Today, in the continuity of his work on violence, the artist looks at the mass media, questions the frames of information, captures unexpected historical resonances and diverts the contents. His recent work draws astonishing resonances with situationist thought: "The true is a moment of the false, this word of Debord has never left my mind. "The church of Sainte-Bernadette du Banlay in Nevers, by Claude Parent and Paul Virilio, illustrates the protective shelter of a tragic cold war.
Cold War, 2009
Edition numbered to 3 copies + 2 artist's copies
Photo print glued on dibond, metal frame
60 x 60 cm
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