Fages Mathilde
Mathilde Fages is a French artist who lives and works in Marseille. She joined the Villa Arson Art School, from which she graduated in 2012. Her artistic career has taken her through different countries, notably to the Clark House gallery in India, the Musée du Pays d'Ussel in France, the Villa Garikula in Georgia, in Iceland... As a multidisciplinary artist, she works around landscape and its representations by confronting herself with new techniques and new horizons. Her work is made of superimpositions, shifts, deviations and some blurring seeking at the same time movement, shadows and latent erasure, as if to scrutinize death and its possible ghostly persistence. The manner will be more artisanal and above all more bidouillable, made of faults, sometimes an engraving, sometimes a lithograph or a serigraphy, if not a volume.

Mysterious Rock, 2018

Lithograph on stone, hand enhanced

38 x 56 cm

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