Franc Thibault
Through his paintings, his sculptures, his videos,
Thibault Franc seeks to salvage culture, to make it both funnier and more disturbing. A true Indian in the city, he brings with him this strange part, these masks, this colourful closeness with plants, animals, barbarians, where the overflow of knowledge becomes intuition, and where the objects of civilization can mingle to acquire new properties.
There is no need, therefore, to leave the comfortable life we are tired of, because the city becomes again the ground of unpredictable vitality. Faced with complex, brutal, gentle and simple works, we suddenly feel rejuvenated, revived, shaken by the sap and the rising wind. The time to glimpse it, let us preciously preserve the feeling of this ferocious beauty, we will need it to prepare a better world, a world that still escapes us.
A. Demolition, 2013
B. Flying head, 2001
A. Acrylic on canvas 60 x 50 cm
B. Acrylic on canvas 74 x 59 cm
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