Moreau Luce
Photographer, video artist, visual artist, curator of exhibitions and artist residencies, Luce Moreau lives in Marseille. She is co-founder of the OTTO-Prod collective and has been working since 2006 on curatorial projects and artist residencies, while developing her artistic research.

Different periods of artistic residencies in exceptional situations (Observatory of Haute-Provence - CNRS, Frioul Islands, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Colombia with beekeepers or within a nano-technology company in Geneva) give rise to very specific realizations and allow the artist to deepen in a daily way her plastic questionings as much by empiricism as by reflection and observation. His recent artistic preoccupations, however, go beyond the field of light and space to embark on a long-term project alongside the living; the sensitive observation of natural phenomena, as well as the experimental aspect of his approach, remain.

L'avenir (avant), 2/5, from the series Les Palais, 2015-2017

Dibond laminated digital prints

aluminium hanging frame 164 x 110 cm

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