Schumacher Reeve
Born in 1981 in Minneapolis in the United States, Reeve Schumacher graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Fine Arts before moving to Arles in 2010.
There he co-founded Lhoste, an alternative space dedicated to contemporary art and experimental sound with his partner Mélanie Bellue. He is a visual artist and musician, performing and exhibiting internationally.
He has also self-produced three albums, including Waste Land in 2015, based on a poem of the same name by TS Eliot.
His most recent project, Sonic Braille, uses incised vinyl records to create a literally handcrafted sound. Described by the artist as art-brut-techno, it's a new kind of music that transcends genres.

Lenore, 2010 from the Polaroid series
Acetate, paper, and felt on polaroid
10 x 10 cm