Triolet Jean
As a child from Marseille, Jean Triolet is very young

inhabited by a passion for beauty. The intense light, the contrasts so strong, the colors of Marseille, the teeming life of the Old Port, the alleys sometimes

animated, sometimes crushed by heat, the bleached rocks, the fields of olive trees, constitute the crucible in which he secretly - even unconsciously - organizes his natural inclination.

Evolving with the discoveries of his multiple travels, Jean Triolet's painting is in the image of man; sensitive, intimate, sometimes violent, often singing and soothing. It represents the perfect balance between ambition and realism, faith and dream. His work has an international influence: Switzerland, Germany, New York and Tokyo.

Haute Terre IE 117

Oil on canvas

55 x 46 cm

Lot 53

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