It is with the desire to bring everyday objects to life that Voilà's self-taught approach to painting began. By giving them their own specificity and originality, she created a story, an existence and thus an attachment that went beyond the material appropriation of these objects. This approach continued in educational projects, invading the space and volumes of the Alexandre Dumas College in Marseilles, then the Henri Wallon College. She currently resides at the Caves du Logis-Neuf workshop in Allauch, where she continues her research using the experience of the sheet material and the freedom of the expressionists.
Her work has been exhibited on numerous occasions from 1998 until today (CLN gallery, Andiamo gallery, Biz'art gallery, large contemporary art market in Paris, Arles festival, Avignon...).
le cri, 2017
Mixed technique: glued sheets and oil
100 x 100 cm