Lot 106

Travel kit composed of an oval silver basin containing a wooden tray filled with various objects (razors, corkscrews, pliers, ...); three oval wooden sliding trays containing various objects including a silver soap watch and a cup and saucer from the Angoulême factory, two pieces of cutlery, their small spoons and knives (mother of pearl handles); the rest of the box furnished with six glass bottles and boxes, a silver milk jug and cup as well as the stoppers of the bottles, as well as five cases in blackened wood and ivory, the lid fitted with a gilt framed mirror with palmette decoration. The box is made of brown wood.
(Some elements are missing)
The set with the arms of Marie-Frédéric Chartier de Coussay, baron of the empire and Adelaide Foulon de Doué whose daughter married the Marquis de la Rochejaquelein.
For the silver coins: Paris 1798-1809 (950°/°°)
Weight 759 g.
H: 13,5 - W: 38 - D: 27 cm