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BIBLE (The), which is all of Holy Scripture, namely the Old & New Testament. Lyon, Jan de Tournes [sic], 1561. 3 parts in one volume in-4, of 4 ff.n.ch., 462 pp. and 1 ff.n.ch., 2 maps; 399 pp. and 1 p.n.ch.; 232 p. and 12 ff.n.ch., 2 maps: fawn calf, double gilt fillet and thin brown scroll in frame, large spandrel with scroll decoration on an azure background, large central cartouche of oriental form decorated with the same decoration, on the field sown with gilt clovers, smooth spine decorated, gilt edges, modern brown morocco case (period binding).
Nice protestant bible printed in Lyon by Jean de Tournes.
It reproduces exactly, Cartier tells us, the text of the folio edition published in Geneva by Robert Estienne in 1560, which gives the version of Olivetan revised by Calvin and Robert Estienne himself for the Old Testament, and by Calvin and Theodore de Bèze for the New Testament.
Printed in small characters on two columns, it is illustrated with nearly 169 small woodcuts by Bernard Salomon and four biblical maps: a map showing the march of the Israelites fleeing Egypt, a map of the land of Chanaan, that of the Holy Land and that of the Mediterranean basin.
On the title, a large and beautiful typographical mark by Jean de Tournes, called "Le Semeur" (the Sower).
Very beautiful Parisian binding with gilded and partly waxed arabicising decoration, strictly contemporary with the edition.
The large central plate, with interlacing decoration on a blue background, is remarkable for the elegance and complexity of its design.
The plate used as a spandrel is identical to that of Esmerian's Celsius (Aldine edition of 1528) (I, 1972, no. 46, reproduction p. 69); it is also found on a binding reproduced by Mirjam Foot in the Henry Davis catalogue (III, 2010, no. 52), covering a Venetian edition of 1558, and described as coming out of a workshop called the Wotton binder C. A set
copy. It belonged to Jean-Charles de Chabannes (1569-1655), Lord of Saint-Angheau (Auvergne), Marquis of Curton and Count of Rochefort, with his handwritten ex-libris at the top of the title: ceste bible belonging to Jehan Charles de Chabannes 1606.
Red spot with 5 leaves at the end of the volume. Some restorations to the binding, upper hinge and a cracked jaw.
(Brun, Le livre français illustré de la Renaissance, p. 127 - Cartier, no. 470, mentions only 3 maps).

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France - 75008 Paris