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HOURS for the use of the Diocese of Lyon, with hymns and prose in Latin and French. Lyon, Librairie chrétienne [Imprimerie Louis Perrin], 1846.
Petit in-12, 2 ff.n.ch., 111 pp., 10 pp.n.ch., pp. 112-732, 2 ff.n.ch.: burgundy velvet, flat and smooth spine decorated with a carved wood decoration, ivory lining and moire guards, gilded edges, carved wooden clasps on hinges and gilded metal closures, grief and percaline box-case from the end of the 19th century (binding of the time).
Pretty printing in small characters on two columns by Louis Perrin, on fine vellum paper, the text being placed in an ornamental frame printed in bistre, mauve and water green.
The illustration, printed on strong wove paper, includes a title-frontispiece finely coloured with a brush and gummed, a frontispiece and 2 figures in black by Dopter, and 3 plates of reproductions of illuminated manuscript pages printed in chromolithography by Engelmann and Graf.
Charming and rare velvet binding with carved wood decoration.
This type of binding, mainly covering works of piety, became fashionable in the middle of the 19th century, between 1844 and 1855 approximately. Henri Beraldi devotes a few pages to the subject of these object bindings and gives the reproduction of some of them; three great ornamentalists are known to have provided numerous drawings for these carved wood decorations (in boxwood or pearwood): Charles Rossigneux, who worked a lot with Marius-Michel père, Michel Liénard and Martin Riester.
Some slight foxing, missing a clasp, small lacks of carved wood. Box damaged.
(Henri Beraldi, La Reliure du XIXe siècle, t. II, chapters XXI and XXV).

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France - 75008 Paris