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Lucien PINAUD (Born in 1969)
The Artists
Pencil and acrylic on canvas.
100 X 80 cm


My name is Lucien Pinaud-Betzy. Self-taught painter born August 7, 1969 in Fort de France in Martinique.

I have always drawn. At the age of 11 I was spotted by my teacher who introduced me to a TV presenter because I was sculpting historical characters (Victor Hugo, Abraham Lincoln... ) as well as some objects (violin...) in chalk bars. I went on the show "l'arbre à palabres" with a famous writer, Henri Corbin, and a great visual artist, Hector Charpentier.

In 1985 I won the national competition of all the high schools in France for the design of a poster for the 100 years of written expression.

In 2006 I decided, after studying accounting and working for a few years, to make a collection to present to galleries.

February 2007 . Collective exhibition at the "SINCE" under the theme Joe the Artist in Lyon.

May 2008. Exhibition at the Unesco : Africa days

March 2010 . Daniel Sorano space exhibition in Vincennes, France.
- May 23rd Art'uel, the painters' market at Ruel Malmaison on the Isle of the Impressionists
- from 25 to 28 May exhibition at Unesco
- Exhibition at the El nuevo mundo gallery - Paris

September 2011. Exhibition at the Embarcadère - Lyon.

March-April 2012. Exhibition at the Trace et pixels gallery - Lyon.

December january 2013 . Solo exhibition at the "Since" - Lyon

September 2014. Collective exhibition at the pier - Lyon

November 2015. Private exhibition for the short film festival in Villeurbanne - Lyon

November and December 2016. Private exhibition as part of the festival Bisso Besse - Lyon
Town Hall of the 1st, Town Hall of the 7th, Town Hall of the 9th

February 2017 in Orsay city

October 2018 Exhibition at Barricou Paris 03

February 13 to March 5. Group exhibition at the Thuillier Gallery - Winner of the Press Award

May 4 to June 12 . Collective exhibition at the Parc Floral de Vincennes " Le cercle des artistes de Paris" - Winner of the public prize.