Lot 78.A

AN ICON SHOWING THE TOLGSKAYA MOTHER OF GOD WITH OKLAD Russian, 19th century (icon), Russian, circa 1830 (oklad) Tempera on wood panel. The haloes made of silver, covered by a golden lacquer. Overlaid with a gilded metal oklad. Bearing spurious Russian hallmarks. Minimally restored, the oklad damaged. 32.5 x 27.8 cm.
ICONE WITH THE GOD'S MOTHER OF TOLGA (TOLGSKAYA) WITH OKLAD Russia, 19th century (icon), Russia, c. 1830 (oklad) Composite of two boards with two back-sponki. Egg tempera on chalk ground, silver plated nimbs glazed in gold. Gold plated metal oklad. 32.5 x 27.8 cm. Russian pseudo-stamps. Min. rest., oklad min. dam.