Lot 92

AN ICON SHOWING THE KAZANSKAYA MOTHER OF GOD WITH A SILVER-GILT OKLAD Russian, 17th century (icon), Russian, Moscow, 1766 (oklad) Tempera on wood panel. Overlaid with a finely chased and embossed silver-gilt oklad. Marked with city hallmark, assayer's mark, alderman's mark and master's mark. Areas of retouching. Thirty-one by 27.2 cm.
ICON WITH THE GOD-MOTHER OF KASAN (KASANSKAYA) WITH VERMEIL-OKLAD Russia, 17th century (icon), Russia, Moscow, 1766 (oklad) wooden panel with two back-sponki (lost). Egg tempera on chalk ground. Silver, chased, chased and gilded. 31 x 27.2 cm. Marked with town mark, hallmark, alderman mark and master mark. Partially rest.