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*EGYPT. Draft letter and manuscript, partly autograph, from an unidentified author, 13 March 1741, to Claude GROS DE BOZE; 6 pages in-4 with 2 red wax stamps.

Rare ancient study of a hieroglyphic stone, whose imprint is reproduced in a double wax stamp affixed to the letter (small chips). "Explanation of an egiptian stone": after a detailed description, the author attempts an explanation. He distinguishes nine figures. The main and largest represents "the god Oziris standing at the test of the god Ibis; this figure holds an upside-down tridan in his hand, which he pushes against a crocodile [...].On both sides of this figure, near the crocodile rise two serpens, which are in the Egiptians the simbol of life or of the god Aesculapius; above these serpens are two scorpions and two hawks, each of which has on its test a bushel, which is the ordinary attribute of the god Serapis. What is most singular is a hand that embraces two long bird wings...". On the other side he distinguishes a few Greek words, which he translates as quiet or rest, fasting or abstinence and precept ; he thinks he has in his hands a kind of amulet intended to attract the protection of the Gods on the harvest of the grains " because one has for protector the god Oziris and Ibis whom they invoke to obtain a good harvest, but at the same time they have the precaution to plough their lands well in a favorable time, that is to say in the month of October, which is marked by the two scorpions ; for the favorable winds that are called ethereal winds, they are marked by two hawks, each having a bushel on the test, which designates and makes it known that they ask the gods for a good harvest of grain "... Etc.

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