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*André FONTAINAS (1865-1948). 5 L.A.S., 1924-1925, to Alfred VALLETTE; 6 pages and a half oblong in-4.

Nice correspondence on his collaboration with the Mercure de France. Paris, December 6, 1924: he complains that he did not receive the volumes of poetry he had hoped for in his chronicle and is annoyed by the way the volumes are distributed among the various critics. 9 December: following a letter from Paul LEAUTAUD "who apparently imagined that I wanted indirectly to reproach him for the way in which, through his care, the books are distributed among the various collaborators", Fontainas acknowledges that the question remains a thorny one. February 10, 1925: he wishes to devote 10 francs from his account for the VERLAINE subscription and the same amount for Ronsard's subscription. He would also like to obtain half-price permits for an escapade outside Paris. Finally, he asks him to apologize to RACHILDE, whose invitation he declines: "his living room is full of people speaking loudly and that, for the most part we do not know, frightens our irremediable savagery". March 26: he has just given a lecture on Ferdinand HEROLD and would like to make a study of it for Mercury. Pornichet 3 April: he sends two chronicles and asks for a new shipment of books: "I will plunge them into the sea after using them, or I will entrust them to the waves, locked in a bottle"; he wants to take advantage of his stay to finish a series of poems and resume his article on Herold...
We enclose 2 l.a.s. of STUART MERRILL to Catulle Mendès, 1889-1900, about Pastels in prose and the Embers of the Ashtray.

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