Lot 270

*LAOS. Set of photographs and documents from the archives of Jules BOSC (1871-1959), colonial administrator, senior resident of Laos.

* Album of 34 PHOTOGRAPHS, various formats mounted on 24 oblong sheets in folio, brown cardboard (spine torn): "Air Mission in Laos of 1927. The King of Luang-Prabang receives the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour": the King, General Andlauer, senior resident Jules Bosc, officers, pilots, members of the mission, the Luang-Prabang airfield, scenes of the ceremony, royal elephants, musicians... * About 50 letters or coins, mostly carbon copies. Correspondence from the Franco-Siamese Permanent High Commission of the Mekong, the Compagnie Coloniale du Laos, the Governor General of Indochina, the Ministry of Colonies, etc., including projects and reports, notably on a case of purchase of tainted opium in 1925. Plus press clippings.

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