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*Pierre LOUŸS. 2 L.A.S. "Pierre", [1892-1894], to his half-brother George LOUIS; 4 pages in-8.

Abbeville December 1892], during his military service: "I think like you that it is better to suspend the steps for a while, but I do not believe that it is necessary to abandon them because I am very tired. But Christmas is near and I prefer to wait until I have been examined by Mr. Landouzy. ...I am sicker than one imagines. ...I feel extremely angry and annoyed, perpetually under the threat of punishments that will one day come all together. I'm very afraid that I won't last another eight days and that's stupid. I'm so desperate to be able to leave. Everyone here calls me crazy ...
[Paris in early 1894], saying how happy he was to have found an apartment at 1 rue Grétry, whose plan and location he DRAWED: "Finally! After four months of searching and something like ninety apartments visited in vain, I found exactly what I dreamed of: In an old, solid empire house, three rooms on the third floor with lots of air and light, cupboards, three meters high, everything perfect - 1500 frs is the only trouble, but as it is in the center of Paris I will save six hundred francs on cars. [...] It's a stone's throw from the library, a stone's throw from my publisher, it's really convenient. I'm very relieved.

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