Lot 35

ƒ PERSAN POETRY. Safavid Iran, Shiraz, dated 948 in Hegirian years, i.e. 1541 of the Gregorian calendar.
Very elegant manuscript. The scenes depicted are, in order of appearance of the miniatures in the manuscript: Kaïs and Layla at school, group of young men, Shirin visiting the sculptor Farhad, polo game, hunting scene, judgment rendered by a sultan (?). For a similar binding, see for example the Khusraw va Sh?r?n (Persian MS 6) kept in the library of the University of Manchester.
Manuscript, in-4 format (245 x 143 mm), 323 leaves, in black ink, on ivory paper. Size of text area: 162 x 79 mm. 2 columns, 15 lines. Polychrome framing on all pages. Double-page opening with a large illuminated carpet motif, one page with a large polychrome illuminated band, 6 full-page illuminations (marginal wetnesses on the whole volume, 2 partially detached double pages, some small marginal restorations). Period Persian binding with large gilt plate decorations, brown morocco linings, hollowed out cartouches lined with blue paper (spine redone).