Lot 98

Greece - BARTHELEMY (Jean Jacques). Journey of the young Anacharsis to Greece, around the middle of the fourth century before the vulgar era. Paris, Didot le Jeune, an VII [1798 - 1799].
7 vol. large in-8 of text and 1 volume in-folio of atlases uniformly bound in full red long grain morocco, spine with ornate ribs, large gilt frieze framing the plates, gilt roulette on the cups, gilt inner greek also gilt, gilt tr. (contemporary binding signed Bozérian). 2] VIII -CLIII -367 pp., [2] VIII -517 pp., [2] VIII -496 pp., [2] VIII -507 pp., [2] VIII -495 pp., [2] 1 ff.n.ch., 454 pp., [2] 1 ff.n.ch., 552 pp., [1] 1 ff.n.ch., 56 pp. 1 ff.n.ch., IV pp.
Edition in part original, the most complete and the last one prepared by the author. One of the 50 numbered copies on a beautiful paper from Holland (justification of the handwritten and printed edition, signed by the bookseller Guillaume-Luc Bailly).
The illustration consists of a portrait of Barthélémy by Saint-Aubin in frontispiece, a second portrait of the author drawn by Gounod and engraved by Langlois after the bust of Houdon as well as 39 off-text plates drawn by various artists and engraved by Tardieu (including 1 double map & 11 single maps enhanced in colour, 16 maps and plans in black, 1 coin plate and 10 views of monuments). Without the "General Map of Greece and a large part of its colonies...", which was begun in 1798, it was not published until 1811 and, although related, is generally missing from the 1799 edition, at least from the copies of this edition bound at the time.
Archaeologist and numismatist, in charge of the medals cabinet of the King's Library, and friend of the Count of Caylus, Jean-Jacques Barthélemy (1716-1795) published his Voyage in 1788 after having worked some thirty years on its preparation. An imaginary historical voyage, a veritable sum of 18th century knowledge about Ancient Greece, its success contributed to the development of a taste for Antiquity in France and Europe and to the spread of neo-classical taste.
Precious copy in period morocco.