Lot 145

APPLE HONEY (M. L. Fr.). Navigable canals considered in a general way, with comparative research on inland navigation in France and England; accompanied by maps, profiles, and drawings of machinery and works of art.
1 volume of text and 1 volume of atlases uniformly bound in brown half-basane, smooth ornate spines. 2] XLIV -520 pp., 98 (2) pp., [1] 6 pp. & 13 pl.
Original edition of this interesting and comprehensive review of the history of the canals of France (Briare, Languedoc, Givors, Centre, Bourgogne, Orléans, Loing etc.) and England (London to Liverpool, Bridgewater, Grand-Truck, Coventry, Forth and Clyde etc.), the state of the network, the consequences and applications of the projects decided upon, etc.
Very nice copy, small clear moulding in the corner of 3 leaves of the text volume.