Lot 110

Léon Blum, Raoul Versini and Alain (Emile Auguste CHARTIER), autographs on the back of an old photograph of the promotion ENS 1890. "Raoul Versini" in the center standing, with the pipe the philosopher "Alain" and on the right standing "Léon Blum". The photograph bears on the reverse side various autographs of the protagonists photographed:
- "What's going on?". A. DERROYE
- "I am leaning against this wall because I believe that it will not fall" C. VERSAVEAUD
- "I've just had a delicious idea" Léon BLUM
- "You're an idiot, my friend" E M CHARTIER (Alain)
- "To think that he was only beaten by one neck" Santo VERSINI
- "We're amazing!!!!" P. LANDORMY

Léon BLUM, bachelor in 1889, the year in which he obtained the second prize in the general competition of philosophy, was admitted in July 1890 to the École Normale Supérieure - 23rd out of 25 - where he was influenced by Lucien Herr. But he lost interest in the courses and was expelled from the ENS at the end of his first year, having failed the bachelor's examination (a failure then led to his expulsion from the School).16 22.5 cm.