Lot 248

FRANQUIN: "The Illustrated Trombone". Marcinelle, from March 17 to October 13, 1977, 29 fasc. 4°, in sheets. Almost complete collection (4 issues missing, including the last one). The issues of June 9 and 16 are proposed in 2 variants, the 2nd issue is in duplicate. "Le Trombone illustré" is a supplement of Spirou offered as a clandestine newspaper inside the weekly. Published from 17 March to 20 October 1977 at the instigation of Franquin and Yvan Delporte, the "Trombone illustré" is a supplement stapled thirty times in the middle of Spirou's newspaper. Independent of its format and spirit, this publication, which is a little scratchy, brings together cartoonists from different editorial offices. A translation of the explosion of the adult comics phenomenon (Fluide glacial, L'Écho des Savanes, Métal hurlant...), "Le Trombone" breaks the formal conventions of the comic book and the taboos of a rather well-meaning newspaper.